For more than 2,500 years since Sitting “Chan” has been practiced in Asia, western societies have began to notice its benefits. Remarkably, however, Chan is now quite widely practiced in the United States and in other parts of the western world.

Alongside with the increasing number of scientific researches, proving the practical benefits of meditation, this practice has permeated into organizations.

Hospitals, schools, military, governments, corporations as well as public organizations in both the private and public sectors now provide facilities for their employees to meditate as a way to relax from daily work pressures.

More and more doctors also recommend patients to learn meditation in order to prevent or reduce adverse effects of heart disease, hypertension, various forms of cancer, etc.

Western societies always are interested in the mysticism of Eastern practices. True benefits of Sitting Chan are in the domain of spirituality. It is difficult to be understood from its forms. The so called “meditation” in the western world, is like warm ups to Sitting Chan. Western meditation is a practice in the conscious domain and not in the same domain of Chan Ding.

There are many organizations teaching meditation. Many of them emphasize proper breathing to calm the body and the mind with the goal of freeing from any pressure and pain.

The original Chan Ding teaches, in addition to these basic techniques, through the states of “Deep Ding” and “Exquisite Ding”, progressively deeper levels of stillness, entering into our spiritual world. Let our inner-being recover its original life force, life-light and life-electricity. Thereby, discover our everlasting spirit-self or our eternal soul. This is the ultimate goal of Chan Ding.

There is an intricate interactivity between the small universe inside each of us with that big universe outside of our body. Through a dedicated Chan Ding practice, our inner-universe that is lodged within our body will synchronize with the external universe. Our life’s energy inside us will then resonate in sync with the life force of the external universe, including those from the sun, moon, stars and other celestial bodies, which affect all life forms on earth. Because Chan is in itself the life force of nature, through the practice of Chang Ding, we can channel the universal life force into our Navel Charka, which in turn, like a main switch, will turn on our internal life force. This innate energy of our body helps us not only in reducing physical pain, also vaporizes illnesses. More importantly, we could tap into the ultimate wisdom deeply seeded within each of us.

The practice with Osaka Bay Shaolin is the basic foundation from the teachings of The Zen Buddhist Order of HsuYun, , Chan Master Beishi Guohan and the 85th patriarch of Chinese Chan Master Wu Jue Miao Tian.

Master Wu Jue Miao Tian teaches that all living beings are composed of "the material, the energy and the spirit". As long as we search inward, through Chan Ding practices, we can find this ultimate intelligent life’s energy already within ourselves.

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Currently Meditation classes are held the Jodo-Shu Buddhist temple, in Amagazaki, Japan
Under the Heading of Shorin Zen meditation

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@尼崎大仏 西難波 光明寺の地図です。兵庫県尼崎市西難波町5丁目9−20

@ Amagasaki Daibutsu This is a map of Nishinaniwa Komyoji Temple. 5-9-20 Nishinaniwa-cho, Amagasaki-shi, Hyogo